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HNFNU Welcomed Tibetan Freshmen

On the afternoon of September 30th, the orientation for the freshmen from Shannan, Tibet, was held in Smart Classroom 104, Chengnan Academy. President Tong Xiaojiao and Vice President Liu Hongxiang were present.

The new students received warm welcome from the university leaders and faculty members. In her remarks, President Tong explained the origin and significance of the Shannan Primary Education Program, and introduced the history and achievements of HNFNU. At the end of her speech, she expressed three hopes for the students: firstly,to set a goal for the six-year learning period at HNFNU and for their careers after graduation; secondly,to keep in mind that learning should be their major task the moment they became a college student; thirdly,to redouble their efforts to become noble, learned, and professional educators so as to contribute to the development of Tibet.

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