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School of Education Science Held U-S League Principals’ Meeting

On the afternoon of October 19th, HNFNU School of Education Science held the U-S league principals' meeting for 2020-2021. The meeting was aimed to ensure the league fulfill its educational function, deepen the reform of education for primary school teachers, integrate pre-professional and professional education, and promote the the pilot scheme for outstanding teacher cultivation. HNFNU vice president Jiang Zhengyun, heads from related departments, and principals from thirteen league schools were present at the meeting.

In this meeting, the guiding principles of modern teacher education were expounded, the existing problems in training professional teachers and conducting research on education science were discussed, and the importance of the "U-G-S" trinity for the cultivation of normal students' coreskills were emphasized. A conclusion was reached that the league should work together to seek connection among research,teaching and social service, and to explorenew frontiers of development and cooperation in education and teaching reform,so as to live out its mission to the fullest.

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