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Welcome to HNFNU!

Visiting HNFNU


HNFNU has two campuses, the Chengnan Campus and the Dongfanghong Campus. The Chengnan Campus is located on the Shuyuan Road.The Dongfanghong Campus is located on the Fengling Third Road, facing Xiangjiang River and Yuelu Mountain. Both of the campuses are easily accessible by public transportation.


Buses to the Chengnan Campus: No.1, 139, 311, 171, 202, 602, 104, 171, 805, 9, 122. Buses to the Dongfanghong Campus: No.315, 902, 916,W115, W201, 207,312.

The Dongfanghong Campus

The Dongfanghong Campus

The Chengnan Campus

The Chengnan Campus

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