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HNFNU and the Capital Normal University Signed a Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation

On May 26th morning, the signing ceremony of the memorandum of friendship and cooperation between HNFNU and Capital Normal University was held at the ninth conference room in Capital Normal University. The President Tong Xiaojiao, and the Vice President Liu Hongxiang from HNFNU, and the President Gong Hui Li, Vice President He Yikun from Capital Normal University attended the signing ceremony. He Yikun presided over the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Tong Xiaojiao and Gong Huili jointly signedthe Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation between Capital Normal University and Hunan First Normal University. According to the agreement, both sides will follow the principle "sharing resource, complementing advantages and developing together ", will give full play to their strengths and characteristics of running school, help and support mutually, and comprehensively implementChina Education Career Developing The 13thFive-Year Planand actively promote the education system reform.Tong Xiaojiao pointed out that both Hunan First Normal University and Capital Normal University had a profound connection with the word "normal",and for a long time, FNFNU has been given valuable support and help by Capital Normal University . She hoped that both sides can view this signing as a new beginning and open a new round of cooperation during the period of common development opportunity between the two schools to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win situation and promote reform and development energetically.

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